Monday, March 21, 2011

Conquering Obstacles: In The Garden

One of the biggest side effects of my venture into prepping is the fact that the more I learn, the more I must acknowledge an ever-increasing list of what-ifs. I am then obligated to prepare for those eventualities instead of just feigning ignorance. Ultimately, prepping has taken me outside my comfort zone in a variety of ways.

During the next few weeks, I will be highlighting several ways that I am actively confronting my fears in an effort to be more knowledgeable and better prepared.

As you know, gardening is one of the skills I am least interested in pursuing. I recognize that I can't just choose to remain ignorant, however. Today, the kids and I took a couple of steps toward producing food of our own. Motivated by this post (and a whole bunch of You Tube videos), we whipped out our drill and got to work.

We planted 3 varieties of potatoes in a couple of trash cans ... then found ourselves a bit obsessed! The Boy planted 3 containers of basil, The Girl planted some catnip, and both of them have big plans for what they want to plant next. I'll be sure to report back ... hopefully with a bumper crop of tubers and herbs!


  1. Potatoes in trashcans? Sounds like a marvelous idea. I've been wondering what to do with my sprouted potatoes. Maybe I'll give this idea some research and see if I can produce anything.

  2. What an awesome idea! We've been wanting to grow our own veges for ages but know absolutely nothing about it. Potatoes in trashcans sounds like a nice easy place to start. Thanks!



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