Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ack! On The Move!

My beloved and I have gotten the wildest of ideas to sell our house and return to our beloved Midwest -- land of green grass, fresh corn, fireflies, and four seasons. The house goes on the market in 2 weeks (just in time for us to leave town for a vacation).

What do we do with our food storage during a move? Our stuff could be stored for months while we figure out a place to settle ... will that be ok? How do we manage the stress and chaos of a cross-country move while maintaining an attitude of preparedness?

Our current plan is to eat up our canned goods (soups, beans, etc.) but move the large containers of wheat, rice, dried beans.

I would love any and all suggestions that anyone can offer!


  1. My parents literally just moved here three weeks ago. They came in two runs. The food storage is in a climate control storage shed. You could move it and store it. Or get really creative at hiding it...Good luck.

  2. Hoping all is well with your move. I was just checking in to see if you have posted an update. Climate controlled storage seems a great suggestion for storing your long term food supply.

  3. We used climate controlled storage during a move a few years back. Costs a bit more, but not more than losing your food!

  4. Courtney - I'm wondering if you made the big move yet. I miss reading your posts!


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