Sunday, January 2, 2011

Keepin' It Real

Hello friends, remember me, the ever-erratic blogger? I'm back ... with some insight into the deepest recesses of my home.

Yes people, I'm going to share some Closet Shots. They're visually unappealing and probably disturbing -- but they do illuminate some of my storage solutions for our prepping supplies.

As my family gets more into prepping, we find that we're having to be more creative about storage. When Emily and I were e-mailing recently, we began discussing where to put everything we acquire. It's amazing how quickly this stuff takes up space! And then, after an organization party ... it becomes quickly evident how I really need to do some more stocking up.

Take our current toilet paper supply:

What felt like an egregious amount when dumped in the laundry room now feels woefully inadequate. (In fact, I'm zipping out to get some more when I finish this blog post!)

Thanks to a recent Coupon Bonanza, we have ample supplies of fluids:

($1.50 per huge can of Folgers?!?! I figure if I ever god-forbid give up caffeine we could always sell this stuff on the black market.)

(88-cent 2-liters of Diet Coke! Be still my racing heart!)

I have slowly but surely begun to take over the bottom of my beloved husband's side of the closet. (Mine is already filled with feminine supplies and linens since my feet are way too big to foster an Imelda Marcos-style obsession.)

DH already has a bunch of water stored in his closet ... but today we added this shelving system (free at a yard sale).

Each drawer contains a different supply (deodorant, shampoo, razors, soap, etc.). The red bin on top contains our pharmacy:

Our water supply remains a problem. Those 2-liter bottles are out! of! control!

I have been looking around and trying to find some super-functional (and inexpensive) storage system. I like the availability and portability of these bottles ... but they have begun to take over our world. I'm considering scooting our couch out a few inches from the wall and stacking bottles behind it ... or possibly storing a bunch under our bed.


  1. As you know, I totally feel your pain! It's great to have all of this stuff on hand, but not so easy to figure out how to store it.

  2. I keep those water bottles under the kids beds. They hate it because they can no longer 'clean' their rooms by shoving everything under the bed!

  3. I told my hubs we were going to put water under our bed, but I like the idea of the kids beds even more! Glad your part of the ring!


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