Monday, October 4, 2010

How Diet Coke Could Save My Family

I love Diet Coke.

I'd say I have an addiction, but my self-diagnosed ADD means I'm unable to focus long enough for that to happen.

But I really, really love Diet Coke.

One time, when my daughter was 2, I woke up with a jolt. Only inches from my face was my sweet cherub, uttering the words "Wake up, Sweeping Booty." With an impish smile, she pointed to my pillow, upon which she had placed an ice cold Diet Coke. Even at the tender age of 2, she knew that Diet Coke was my favorite thing about morning.

So how does my adoration-verging-on-obsession relate to this, my neglected preparedness blog? When I can re-use those empty 2-liter bottles for ...

... water storage! As you can see, we're well on the way to a substantial supply of water. Although I haven't been adding bleach to this water, I'll probably start with the next batch.

You might notice a few Diet Pepsi bottles snuggled in with the rest of our supply. In a moment of sale-induced weakness, I bought those bottles, convinced that I didn't have a brand preference.

I was sorely mistaken. It was an error of judgment that I will not repeat again.

And in case you're wondering, caffeinated products are most definitely part of our family's food storage plan.


  1. See, I can't store pop or I'll drink it. I am sadly undisciplined. I love me some Coke Zero. Your daughter's "Sweeping Booty" made me smile. My oldest said "Seeping Booty", which still cracks me up to this day.

  2. In looking at our water storage plan, we're apparently apple juice, 7-up and ginger ale addicts.

  3. lol Got to include those caffeinated products in the prep stash! Stocked up on green coffee beans a while ago, can't imagine having no coffee in the morning.

  4. I heart this. I am a Dr. Pepper addict. Frankly one of the scariest parts of a post SHTF world is going off the stuff. While the bottles may save my family I'm family certain that I'm 97% Dr Pepper and therefore will perish once I can't get anymore.


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