Monday, February 28, 2011

In Plain Sight

Despite trying to keep my preps on the down-low, I'm wondering how to handle one particular dilemma.

Since our home has no basement, we keep the majority of supplies in our laundry room. The problem? Our washing machine broke and someone (a stranger) is coming to repair it today. I feel strange that someone I don't know will be able to see our stash.

In an effort to maintain at least some privacy, I quickly strung up a makeshift curtain:

Our water bottle supply was discovered a few months ago when our a/c unit needed to be replaced ... but I figure that collection looked more Odd than Organized.

I'd love to hear your thoughts/suggestions about how much of your prepping supplies are visible to others.


  1. What about putting it in boxes and labeling it something innocuous like "Girls clothes size 6" or "extra socks"? You can also put it in luggage you aren't currently using.

  2. I like Lace's idea! I have 3 boys, so hand me down boxes sound good!

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