Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Fun: Box Oven

A few weeks ago, as part of our Family Fun preparedness activities (and inspired by this post), we built an oven out of a cardboard box. (Trust me -- for two English majors and their offspring, it was a big-time construction project!)

One major prepping concern is how our family would survive without electricity. My honey and I have decided to deal with this eventuality in two ways: by storing food that we could eat without electricity (beans, soups, etc.), and by learning how to create our own heat sources. Although we own a camping stove, we would like to have other options available to us.

We gathered our supplies ...

... lit the charcoal ...

... loaded up our test product ...

... and baked a cake!

Although it tasted a little ... grilled ... it was perfectly baked and absolutely delicious!


  1. What a great adventure. We are looking at little backyard projects to do around our house and we will be adding this one to ours thanks so much.

  2. Boy, that cake looks yummy!! We're going to have to try this some time for a fun project!


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