Friday, August 20, 2010

Free! Buckets!

I am beginning to accumulate more preparedness supplies (toiletries galore!) ... which means that I am quickly running out of room to keep my storage organized. Although I considered the idea of purchasing bins to hold my items (and trust me, nothing makes me more giddy than a parade of stuff all neat-and-tidy in coordinating bins!), I quickly realized that the money I'm allocating for prepping supplies would quickly be devoured by bins to organize those (now unaffordable) supplies. Thanks to a tip from a helpful friend, I learned that our local grocery store offers the perfect solution! When I stopped by the bakery department last night, I was given (for free!) 6 large buckets with lids. The thrill of this bounty was topped only by the pervasive scent of leftover icing.

Since these buckets are food-grade, I will eventually get more so I can store packages of pasta or rice when I get them on sale.

I'm a delighted beyond words to have begun implementing this new storage solution.


  1. Yippeee!! Gosh, I'm going to head to my local bakery TOMORROW and ask for more buckets!! Your enthusiasm is so inspiring!

  2. I went to HEB today, but the lady gave me only 1 bucket. Man, it sure smelt good!! Got some of that icing on my hands. Going to head back to store later this week and ask for more! I think I'm going to use mine to place my bagged rice in that I've broken down from the 50-lb bags.

    I also wanted to mention that I stock up on POPCORN like crazy. It's the best FILLER FOOD on this planet!!! My dog even likes it too! ;-)

  3. Well, nothing like just popping up :-) I found you on Survival Mom's blog ring. I love reading your blog. Just another note about affordable buckets (if you can't land 'em for free). If you have a Firehouse Subs, they often have nifty red 5gal pickle buckets for $2 each. They're GREAT for food storage and the money goes to their charities.


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