Monday, August 16, 2010

Food Storage Analyzer from Emergency Essentials

Since I'm just beginning my food storage plan, I'm in a relentless pursuit for information. I have checked out every single preparedness title available in my local library, my wish list is growing by the minute, and my blog reader is filled to capacity.

During a recent Internet prowl, I discovered Emergency Essentials. Oh, be still my heart! I spent hours clicking through the products and reading all the insight articles ... only to discover the related blog and free catalog! Just when I thought I had absorbed every last bit of information available, I stumbled upon the Food Storage Analyzer.

The Analyzer is extremely easy to use and provides quick links to products (in other words, an instant one-stop shopping list!). I still have a bunch of pantry items to add to my in-stock list, but I'm getting a good idea of what gaps we need to fill in.

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  1. The recent changes they have made to the Analyzer definitely make it more user-friendly. It would be nice if they had a greater variety of grocery-store pantry items you could add in automatically, but it did give me an idea just how far short we are in our food storage. Gulp!

  2. I just tried the analyzer and thought it was pretty neat. Felt really good to see my "survival days" increase with each click. I too wish they had more selections on grocery items as I have a lot of canned goods in my storage. To me, canned goods mean more WATER, not to mention, just dump canned vegges, canned chicken, beans, and tomatoes into a pot and presto - soup!!


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